We provide SAFE Pest Control

We make non target species SAFE

We make the control of insects SAFE

We make your sewer system SAFE


CAMRO's innovative solutions

At CAMRO, we develop and produce new and efficient pest control solutions. Our innovative products ensure high quality and low maintenance. We put a virtue in creating safe solutions that control pests while taking care of the environment.


The SAFEBOX® depots from CAMRO offer the ultimate safe and efficient solution for controlling mice and rats.


Our proprietary SAFEBOX® combined with Goodnature A24 provides an efficient and environmentally friendly pest control.


The Thiim Safe rat blocker is simple and easy to mount and offers an economically attractive alternative to pest control.

In addition to CAMRO's own production, we also carry a wide range of other products

Low maintenance

We focus on making products that can be easily and efficiently serviced.

Long lifetime

CAMRO's own products are made to last even in harsh environments.

Environmentally friendly

CAMRO offers several non-toxic alternatives to ensure environmentally friendly control.

In-house production

CAMRO develops and manufactures in-house at its own factory in Nørager (DK) and ensures top quality.


CAMRO offers quality assured products in robust materials that ensure a long service life.


Safety for non-target animals and humans is an important part of CAMRO's identity.

Our Partners

For a number of years, CAMRO has built up a wide international cooperation to ensure the best quality pest control products from all over the world.